Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Dear Music Lovers,
I’ve wanted to write a blog post on music’s influence on fashion and vice versa for quite some time now. It isn’t something I wanted to rush or write without being inspired, but during the past few weeks I’ve just been vibing with music more than usual. It is something that has always been a huge part of my life; I can literally sit at my computer for hours searching up new bands and artists, even more than fashion at times. For me, music is the most pure of all arts: you have nowhere to hide and your soul is shown for all to see. There are many different styles of music, and as such musicians often display different styles of clothing, hair and jewelry to reflect that. 

- Rockers are a great example of music and fashion going hand in hand. When you think of rock n’ roll as a style, black, leather, studs, skulls and other such items come to mind.

- Indie music often draws out a hipster way of dressing, very artistic and unique.

- Think of the 40’s/50’s Jazz era; you can just see Billie Holiday in one of her classic cut dresses with a flower in her hair, or Frank Sinatra’s classic fedora and tuxedos.

- When you think of Woodstock, the 1969 music festival “3 days of Peace and Music”, you think of boho/hippie style, now also called “festival style” coined through the popular Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Music genres that are now considered to be classics have embodied a spirit of style and a way of living. Artists and music lovers will often portray their love for music through their style choices. Some of my personal favorite musicians that are dedicated to their styles are Janelle Monae, Mumford and Sons, Gwen Stefani, Paramore and Lana Del Ray, to name a few. 

Needless to say, if you’re not a die hard rock n’ roll fan there’s no need to dress that way every day, but the opposite is also true. If you feel like you need inspiration one day, listen to your some of your favourite tunes, they may encourage you to try on that fedora or that black leather vest. And next time you see your favourite band or artist, check out what they’re wearing – often the most fashionable people are artists because they’re dedicated to their own style. Fashion can be bought, but style cannot.

 That's a wrap for me!

Peace & Love,


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