Wednesday, April 3, 2013

where music and fashion unite.

Dear Music Lovers,
I’ve wanted to write a blog post on music’s influence on fashion and vice versa for quite some time now. It isn’t something I wanted to rush or write without being inspired, but during the past few weeks I’ve just been vibing with music more than usual. It is something that has always been a huge part of my life; I can literally sit at my computer for hours searching up new bands and artists, even more than fashion at times. For me, music is the most pure of all arts: you have nowhere to hide and your soul is shown for all to see. There are many different styles of music, and as such musicians often display different styles of clothing, hair and jewelry to reflect that. 

- Rockers are a great example of music and fashion going hand in hand. When you think of rock n’ roll as a style, black, leather, studs, skulls and other such items come to mind.

- Indie music often draws out a hipster way of dressing, very artistic and unique.

- Think of the 40’s/50’s Jazz era; you can just see Billie Holiday in one of her classic cut dresses with a flower in her hair, or Frank Sinatra’s classic fedora and tuxedos.

- When you think of Woodstock, the 1969 music festival “3 days of Peace and Music”, you think of boho/hippie style, now also called “festival style” coined through the popular Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Music genres that are now considered to be classics have embodied a spirit of style and a way of living. Artists and music lovers will often portray their love for music through their style choices. Some of my personal favorite musicians that are dedicated to their styles are Janelle Monae, Mumford and Sons, Gwen Stefani, Paramore and Lana Del Ray, to name a few. 

Needless to say, if you’re not a die hard rock n’ roll fan there’s no need to dress that way every day, but the opposite is also true. If you feel like you need inspiration one day, listen to your some of your favourite tunes, they may encourage you to try on that fedora or that black leather vest. And next time you see your favourite band or artist, check out what they’re wearing – often the most fashionable people are artists because they’re dedicated to their own style. Fashion can be bought, but style cannot.

 That's a wrap for me!

Peace & Love,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

red carpet faux pas.

Dear Red Carpet Lovers,
Ready for the bomb to drop? Here are my top 6 worst dressed from the 2013 Award Season. Here goes the beheading… 

6. Anne Hathaway at the Oscars: Must we say it? Come on honey... you’re Anne Hathaway, you’re BFF’s with Mr. Valentino himself! Walking around with your tatas showing (or at least with a dress designed to make it look like they are)? You are so much better than that! She allegedly changed her dress last minute because Amanda Seyfried was wearing a very similar design, so I’ll pretend it’s a legitimate excuse for her dress not being steamed… 

5. Kristen Stewart at the Oscars: Can someone give this girl a comb? And shampoo for that matter? Every single time that I’ve seen K.Stew on a red carpet, she has the “I don’t care about anything” face on. I’m sorry Mrs. Too-Cool-For-Anyone, but being at the Oscars is a privilege and doing the red carpet is a choice. If you don’t care enough to make yourself look presentable, then you should’ve taken the back entrance. Now that I’m done my ranting, on to her dress: done right, it could’ve looked good, but she didn’t accessorize appropriately which changed the entire look.

4. Nicole Richie at the Golden Globes: The pattern on this dress looks like something that could’ve come out of Candy Land™ and this shade of blue is quite bright to be placed on a floor length dress with long sleeves. The dress was also too mature for Nicole: she’s so young and beautiful, there’s no reason to cover up this much. The matching eye shadow was overkill, the random red bracelet peeking out is so out of place and the boho\grungy clutch has nothing to do with the theme of the dress. Needless to say, this was a train wreck. Lesson here? Always use a stylist.

3. Alyssa Milano at the Golden Globes: You’d think with all the money these celebrities have, they’d pay someone to steam their dress, no? This color is hideous in silk, and not having steamed the dress makes it look even worse. It’s way too big for her: the poor tailoring makes her look bigger then she actually is. She’s wearing an overload of accessories and they are too intense for this dress; a big blue ring and earrings, why, why would you do this to yourself? Goodness, I only hope she didn’t pay someone to do this to her, terrible look.

2. Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globes: The girl’s face in the background says it all... What was she thinking!? I was so disappointed in her; she is usually someone to watch on the red carpet, she even had the #1 spot on my best dressed list last year! I swear, it looks like her hair stylist put her hands on each side of her head with gel, and just pushed it back. You’d think horns were about to grow out of her head! Moving along to the disaster that is her dress, why was it not tailored properly? She looks like she has saggy granny breasts and the pleat down the middle of her stomach makes her look pregnant. Girl you were way off here... Better luck next year?

1. Lisa D’Amato at the Grammys: What in God’s name possessed her to wear this? Tyra Banks would not approve. This girl is gorgeous, she doesn’t need to compensate with this extravagantly-ugly-over-the-top dress. We understand Lisa, you have a big personality, but tone it down a little, girl. You can do so much better, next time hire a stylist and a makeup artist.

Well folks, that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed my two-part Red Carpet rant!

Love to hate,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

red carpet loving.

Dear Red Carpet Lovers,
Now that all the major award ceremonies are over, I’ve decided to give you my verdict on best and worst dressed. Let’s begin with best dressed post!

6. Naomi Watts at the Oscars: I was very underwhelmed at the Oscar Red Carpet this year; the only person I could really say wowed me was Naomi Watts. The cut out shoulder was pure perfection and the styling couldn’t have been done better. Her up-do didn’t hide her beautiful neckline and the minimal jewelry didn’t take away from the shine in the dress. Couldn’t have done it better myself!

5. Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes: White was a very big trend this award season, however a lot of celebrities looked like brides rather than glam actresses. Kerry Washington was one of the very few who was able to pull off white without making it look like it was her wedding day. The silhouette was amazing and showed her marvelous figure! I love the shorter slip with a longer hemline and the beading is very intricately placed to hug her curves. The pointed toe pumps helped in creating a very old Hollywood glamour feel. And, might I add, loving the bangs on her!

4. Jennifer Garner at the Golden Globes: The color, the color, the color! I loved this wine red on her – it was so beautiful! The sweetheart neckline with the gathered fabric looked impeccable. There was also just enough sparkle; a little more would’ve taken away from the color, but this just helped it look more glamorous. The statement earrings were the icing on top of the cake!

3. Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes: Those flowers hit J.Lo in all the right places! The dress couldn’t have been better tailored to her body. Take her perfect figure out of the equation and this dress could have been a train wreck, but everything just worked: her hair, her earrings, her clutch… this dress was impeccably styled! The only reason I put her in third place and not second is because of her shoes: if I would’ve styled this, I would’ve given her a red peep toe pump to give the look a bit of a kick.

2. Kelly Rowland at the Grammys: Her dress was just spot on! The cut outs were just perfect, any more and it could’ve looked trashy, but it was just the right amount. The tailoring and styling was amazing. I literally couldn’t find anything wrong with this look.

 1. Rihanna at the Grammys: I could have sworn she was a fiery goddess! The flow of the gown, her ombre locks flowing alongside her shoulders, the pairing of her nails and lips to match the dress and the cut outs at the bust were simply magnificent. All of this won her the top spot on my list! Bravo!

Stay tuned for my worst dress list!

Lots of love,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

how to look hot, boys' edition.

Dear So-Incredibly-Hot-I’m-Losing-My-Focus, Boys', 
This one’s for you! I started out this blog post thinking I’d talk to you about men’s fashion and trends that are currently “in”, but then it dawned upon me that you guys don’t really care about that stuff, do you? Businessmen aside, how many of you actually walk around in a suit and tie? What you see on the runways for both men & women’s fashion is very rarely duplicated on the streets, however you can take bits and pieces of it and make it your own. Lucky for guys, style is much easier; trends will always come and go, but more often than not you stick with the basics. I decided to stick with what I know looks good on men. With the right clothes, any man can look hot!


Let’s start with a simple yet crucial detail: shoes. They can make or break any outfit, so instead of popping on those dirty Adidas running shoes on your way out to the market, game or a date, reach for a just as comfortable, but more stylish, pair of Converse, Vans, boat shoes or even sleek high tops. As long as they’re clean and not for workout purposes, you’re all set! 


The second step is knowing how to pick pants that fit. Justin Bieber has been setting a bad example for you boys: the seam of your pants shouldn’t be so close to the floor! A slim or skinny fit is ideal for men nowadays, so ditch the baggy jeans and pants that are so tight you can’t walk… something in between is just fine. 

The last step in making you look your best is the perfect shirt. Boys, pay attention because this is crucial – plaid shirts, Henley’s and plain V-neck tees are your best friend! Basically follow anything that Ryan Gosling or David Beckham would wear and you’re golden. 

Accessorize any way you want: throw on a watch, leather or hemp bracelet or my personal favorite, a beanie.

I leave you with this piece of advice: only a true man can rock a cardigan.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

beauty is skin deep.

Dear Beautiful,
A big part of pulling a look together is makeup: foundation, blush, mascara… the whole nine yards! I first fell in love with makeup at a young age, when I started watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear”. The recurring makeup artist on the show at the time, Carmindy Bowyer, opened my eyes to the artistry that is makeup. In her book "The Five Minute Face", she says her inspiration to be a makeup artist came from her mother who herself was an artist – she sees makeup as an art form, only her canvas is skin. 

Carmindy’s view on makeup has always been to bring out someone’s natural beauty, never to cover it up. She will always ask her clients what their favorite features are about themselves and accentuate them with makeup. If you do watch “What Not to Wear”, then you know that many times, the women have a really hard time finding features they love on their face, and to me that’s the saddest thing. Everyone has beauty in them! It has everything to do with confidence: exude what you feel on the inside and people will feel it and believe it!


So here’s my challenge for you today after reading this post: go look in the nearest mirror and do a mirror mantra. Find something about your appearance that you truly love, and tell yourself things like “I love my smile!” or “I love my deep blue eyes”.
You’re beautiful baby, believe it!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

arm party, up in here!

Dear Party Gals,
Who doesn’t like to party, seriously? Especially when it involves jewelry! The term “Arm Party” originates from my favorite blogger, Leandra Medine, “The Man Repeller”, who coined the term on her blog and started a phenomenon! She often works with New York based jewelry company, DANNIJO, (They have amazing things! Check it out!) and will add their bracelets to many of her Arm Parties. The term basically means an arm full of bracelets.

 Leandra Medine's Arm Party in the picture above.

In my everyday battle of making perfect outfits, I found that my arms were feeling quite bare, so in order to make my wrists a little bit happier, I went on the hunt for the perfect “Arm Party”. It comes down to an art really: not putting too many bracelets together, so it doesn’t look like you forgot how to count, and not forgetting to put enough so that it ends up just a party of two. The trick is to keep the bracelets on the thinner side so they don’t overpower each other, and then have one statement bracelet in the mix.

My own Arm Party.

 Costa Blanca Arm Party.

Sometimes this trend can lean a little to a more boho look, but with the right party you can make it work for any outfit. If you’re doing a more professional Arm Party then make sure to invite a watch to join the festivities of no more than 4 bracelets (depending on size). If you’re having a more casual setting, then don’t be afraid to stack it up! You can even use cheaper bracelets that are threaded with beads and what not to add texture and a little whimsy to the look.

Well ladies I leave you with this, now go get your party arm on!

Lots of love,
Your Favorite Party Gal 

Aldo Arm Party Display.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

nerdy chic.

Dear Nerdy Girl,

This blog post is for you, my lovelies. It’s no longer a fashion faux pas to rock nerdy thick frames or high waisted pants and button-up shirts; in fact, it’s the time to embrace it! Now I’ve tried looking for an actual definition of “nerdy chic” style, but I couldn’t find a legitimate one… however, to me it’s embodying a quirky fun feeling. 


I would see it as being:
-Thick lenses
- Button up shirts
- Wearing cardigans
- High hair buns
- Plaid and/or polka dots
- Flat shoes
Just to name a few...

I don’t really think there’s a limit to this trend, it’s mostly just having fun and not setting limits to your style. A master of this trend is my favorite actress, Zooey Deschanel. I think a big part of her pulling this off is her personality! She’s very quirky and down to earth; I don’t think you could hate her even if you tried.

I leave you with this, find your inner nerd and let her shine! You’ll find it very freeing, trust me.

Lots of love,